Celebrity Hairstyles – Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley Celebrity Hairstyles

By now many of you know who Keira Knightley is. If not she is a famous  English actress and model who starting acting back in 1995 when she was just a young girl.  Over the years she has appeared in several big screen movies such as Atonement, Pride & Prejudice, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

You can usually find her with some type of new sleek hairstyle and many times you will find her wearing a bob hairstyle whether it be curled or a-line.  What we decided to do today in our celebrity hairstyle post is put together some of her best hairstyles.  Let us know which Keira Knightley hairstyle you like the most in the comments below.

Go for the Full Fringe

Back in 2009 Ms. Knightley decided it was time to take it to new heights.  Back then she was sporting longer locks and they definitely made her facial features stand out.  The ends are slightly curled and the those blunt bangs just set the look to new levels.

Keira Knightley Full Fringe Hairstyle
Keira Knightley Full Fringe Hairstyle

The Sexy Ponytail

This is another old school look from Keira.  This hairstyle was simple yet elegant.  For this hairstyle she simply went with allowing her blonde wavy hair to be pulled back softly into a ponytail.  At this time she was a honey blonde and allowed her bangs to fall to the side with a slight middle part.

Keira Knightley the Blonde Ponytail
Keira Knightley the Blonde Ponytail

Gotta Love Those Pixies

Who doesn’t try to rock the pixie cut at least once in their left time?  Well In the same year she went with the long ponytail she also went with the shorter pixie hairstyle.  Back in 2005 at the premiere of The Jacket in Los Angeles she was spotted wearing this great short cut.  Notice how the haircut highlights her strong facial features.

Keira Knightley Short Pixie Cut
Keira Knightley Short Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is great if you want to show off your cheeks and lips.  For Keira it works well because she is noted for having great cheekbones and a well defined jawline.

Short Messy Bob

Wouldn’t you love to wake up in the morning and your hair was just ready to go?  Not saying it’s that easy to do but when you look at the messy bob hairstyle from Keira you wish it was.  This is one great messy look.  She pulls it off wonderfully when she arrived at the 2006 premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest.

Keira Knightley Short Messy Bob
Keira Knightley Short Messy Bob

Well that’s it for now with our celebrity hairstyles from Keira Knightley.  We know we missed a lot of her hairstyles but we plan to put together a major piece that will display at least 50 or more of her hairstyles over the years.  Stay tuned and if there are any celebrities you would like to see please let us know and we will put together their top hairstyles as well.

Let’s Go Bobbing – 5 Best Bob Hairstyles in 2013

Short Bob Hairstyle 2013

Sure you know 2013 is over but it is always great looking at the past to see what the future will probably bring.  Last year was a great year for bob hairstyles.  Everything from inverted, curly, asymmetrical, wavy and even blunt bobs were in.

While this year is still fresh and new we though it would be great to look at some of last years best bob hairstyles and get some ideas for the new year. Bob hairstyles have been around for years and it seems like the popularity of this hairstyle is just not going to be going anywhere any time soon.

There are a lot of celebrities that can’t seem to get enough of this very versatile haircut and being able to go from curly to slick is just something you can’t do with every hairstyle.  Without boring you do death lets get into those five best bob hairstyles of 2013.

Cropped Curly Bob Hairstyle

We saw this bob cut on Milla and it was simply love at first sight.  What’s not to like with this one as you are going to get not only a shorter bob hairstyle but also curls.  Not every woman will look to go this short with the cut but that is the great thing about bobs.  They come in a variety of lengths, cuts and textures.

Milla Jovovich Short Curly Bob Hairstyle
Milla Jovovich Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

Milla normally wears her hair shoulder length but last year decided to go a little shorter and we actually think it looks great on her.  The curled out bob features bouncy waves that just speak volumes.  This is a great hairstyle for special events.

Blunt End Bob with Part and Bangs

Looking for something different but don’t want to go being to edgy well check out Rose Byrne’s casual blunt ended bob hairstyle.  The ends of the hair are cut so that they are all one length and come to a blunt end.  The hair is also parted and she has some thick bangs in the front.

Rose Byrne Blunt Bob Hairstyle
Rose Byrne Blunt Bob Hairstyle in 2013

The is a style that you can wear to work, out and about, and even to those formal occasions.  Notice how Rose sweeps some of the hair behind her ears so that the gorgeous earrings can be seen.  Great idea if you have long sweeping earrings.

Let’s Graduate Bob Style

One of the best and considered most sophisticated looking bob that some would say is the graduated bob.  The hairstyle dates back to the early 90′s and is style one of those styles that women love to wear.

Ali Larter Graduated Wavy Bob
Ali Larter Graduated Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Back in the 60′s the hairstyle was worn as a solid cut but now hairstylists have been open to doing more with it.  The reason it is called the graduated bob hairstyle is because of the way they hair is cut.  Graduation means cutting the hair in such a way that it allow it to move either upwards, backwards or forwards depending on the styles need.

Curly Asymmetrical Hairstyle

One of the best bobs we have seen Rihanna wear has been the curly asymmetrical cut.  This is simply a gorgeous cut for most women.  No you don’t have to be a famous person to get this look.  The great thing is the style works for most face shapes and hair color.

Rihanna Curly Asymmetrical Bob
Rihanna Curly Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle 2013

Here we see Rihanna blowing a kiss as she rocks the curly bob hairstyle to perfection.  The jet black hair goes well with this cut.  We have seen it work well with blonde, red and even grey.

Straight to the Facts

Want to just keep things simple and go with the short to medium length straight cut?  This is one of our favorite straight hairstyles.  Go for the straight bob hairstyle with a simple part down the middle.  Nothing more to do once the hair has been cut properly.

Gwyneth Paltrow Straight Shoulder Length Bob
Gwyneth Paltrow Straight Shoulder Length Bob

Just wake up in the morning put some moisturizer on it, comb it out and you are ready to go.  No curling iron unless you want to flip the ends.  We have seen a lot of this look over the past 13 months and we are sure we will be seeing it more this year.  What is your favorite bob hairstyle from 2013?

Top 3 Rihanna Hairstyles to be Trendsetters

Rihanna Honey Blonde Hairstyle Mohawk

Yes sure its the new year but what woman doesn’t want to know what hairstyles are the best for the upcoming year.  Well this time we are actually just going to look at some of the best hairstyles from singer Rihanna.  She is known for her music and sexy outfits but she also has a way with setting hair trends.

Some would consider her to be a diva and almost every hairstyle she touches seems to be a hit and later a classic when looking back on them.  Today lets look at our top three favorite Rihanna hairstyles that we think will still be a hit this year.

Go Edgy with the Undercut Side

For this one the singer did something many women with her long locks wouldn’t have done and that was to just shave off the sides.  While not something to most women would do you do have a lot of women out there who simply love this look.

Rihanna Long Curls with Undercut
Rihanna Long Curls with Undercut Hairstyle

With the shaved sides you have a classic look going on with the rest of the hair as she went with volume and soft curls to cut the edginess down a little for formal events.

The Redheaded Bombshell Updo

This was a hard one to choose because we only wanted to put one style though the singer has gone through a few different hairstyles and many different shades of red.  Here is the one we choose for the red bombshell look.

Rihanna Red Updo with Bangs
Rihanna Red Updo with Bangs Hairstyle

Rihanna is wearing a wonderful red colored undo hairstyle and it just screams try me.  Not sure how many of you ladies can get away with this at the 8-5 gig but hey if you can rock this one out.  The hairstyle is a simple undo with long bangs.  With a neutral color you could easily wear this to work.

Spiked Short to Medium Length Pixie

We really enjoy seeing the pixie cuts on RiRi.  However sometimes we would rather see the layered or short to medium length hair as we are so accustomed to her adding something more to the hairstyle.  Here she goes with could be a mohawk with the shorted length sides slicked down.

Rihanna Mohawk Short Pixie Cut
Rihanna Mohawk Short Pixie Cut

This works really well with her face and we think this will really make waves for the 2014 year with a lot of the trend setters and fashion people out there.  So what is your favorite Rihanna hairstyle?  Do you have one, if so please feel free to drop us a comment telling us your favorite one and why.

Eating more nuts for Acne

5 Foods that Help Prevent Acne Breakouts

Eating more nuts for Acne

Do you tend to get pimples and/or irritated skin?  Well you are not alone and a lot of us want to know how we can prevent acne breakouts.  It have been stated that what you eat makes a big difference in the health and look of your skin.  Yet many of us take very lightly to what we put in our mouths and how it could essentially effect what happens to our skin.  Today we give you five foods that help prevent acne breakouts but we didn’t want to just start there.

No we have found and also read, much like you are doing now, but acne is not only caused by oily foods and chocolate.  There is a debate on rather stress is the leading factor in acne production and many seem to think that you break out when you are the most stressed.  Other professional state that the acne breakouts are not caused by stress alone but rather changes in our sleeping routines, eating habits and not washing our faces well enough or not at all.

Changes in the hormones that causes the body to release cortisol much like it does when you have a poor diet that causes our body to create more cortisol than it needs.  By eating the right foods and staying hydrated you can help your skin avoid acne breakouts.  So just what are those five amazing foods that can help you prevent those zits, blackheads and pimples?  Check out the acne fighting foods below.

Broccoli For Clearer Skin

I know you are not a fan of vegetables but hey if you want to prevent acne breakouts you will grow to love broccoli.  Not only is it good for helping prevent acne it also has the vitamins like A, B complex, C, E, and K that all help to fight the radical damage caused by pimples.  In simple terms eating broccoli will help you have beautiful skin.

Fennel for Preventing Acne Breakouts

Garlic Kills Bacteria and Viruses

Apparently Dracula isn’t the only thing that should fear garlic!! Pimples and bumps beware garlic is here to save the day.  Garlic is one of those super foods that really helps fight against your face being inflamed.  Inflammation is one of the causes of breakouts and with the naturally occurring allicin that garlic produces it kills many of the harmful bacteria and viruses that cause acne.

Those Oily Nuts for Healthy Skin

Sure nuts are fatty foods but they are healthy fats.  There is a big difference between man made fats and grease verses the natural fats and oils there are in nuts.  When your body has once and selenium deficiencies you are prone to have more acne or acne breakouts.  By eating more nuts you increase your chances of preventing acne breakouts.

The Perfect Skin Cleanser – Fennel

If you really want to have skin that is clear, soft and smooth you need to get to eating your fennel.  It’s not the best tasting food in the world but it will do wonders for those who suffer from acne breakouts and what to put a stop to them.  Fennel not only helps prevent zits and pimples but also helps to reduce the swelling of them as will as getting rid of the toxins in your skin.

Water For Healthy Acne Free Skin

Ok so water is not a food but you need it.  And when we say need it we means lots more of it.  Seems like more and more people are drinking but less water.  Sodas, pop, juices and all these other things are indeed liquids but they are not what you need.  Your body needs to be hydrated and hydrated with water.  Water will help you to avoid having dry skin, carry nutrients throughout your body and also help fight against those nasty breakouts.

Being dehydrated can cause your skin not only to breakout but also make it look old.  What are you waiting for?  We have just given you the five foods that help prevent acne breakouts what are you waiting for?  You should be in the kitchen eating them already or on your way to the store to pick them up.


3 Tips on How to Straighten Your Curly Hair Naturally Without Heat


Let’s face it, whatever we don’t have we want and what we do have we don’t seem to take advantage of.  We know a lot of women who have naturally curly hair and all they can think of is getting that hair straight.  The problem is that they don’t want to keep putting the flat iron to it.  So today we are going to look at showing you how to straighten your curly hair naturally without heat.  Well you are going to use some heat but it won’t be from a flat iron, we promise.

To many of us naturally curly hair is just beautiful and we would love to wake up every morning and not have to worry about having to curl our hair to get the look that some women are born with.  However there are many cases where women who are born with that curly hair just can’t seem to keep those locks under control.  If you think you have had bad hair days you should see some of our girlfriends who just seem to hate their curly hair at times.

While having curly hair can be great and there are surely more than plenty of hairstyles for your hair we are sure that sometimes you just want to change things up a little bit.  However many times that will involve you needing to have straight hair to get the look you are going after.  Sometimes even the best holding gel isn’t enough to do the trick and you are stuck using a flat iron putting way more heat than you wanted.  Here are three ways you can naturally straighten your curly hair without the use of heat.

Olive Oil, Eggs, and Honey To Straighten Your Hair

Seems like when you have something or need something olive oil comes to the rescue.  When it comes to your curly hair needing to be straighten it is there once again.  This time however the oil is not only as you need to pair it with some beaten eggs.  To straighten your curly hair you want to take two to three eggs and separate the yolk.  Some women like using the whole egg while others like just using the whites.  We found that just the yolk works well for us however if your hair is really curly we suggest trying without the whites and if needed the next time go for the whole egg.

For now though go with just the yolks and beat them in a bowl.  You want to add about 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil to the mixture depending on the length of your hair.  Simply mix them well together and massage the mixture not only on your hair but also on your scalp.  Make sure to work your way all the way out to your ends.  Wrap a towel around your hair and let set for 20-30 minutes before rinsing your hair with warm water.  If you want you can add a touch of honey to the mixture.  For best results add equal parts olive oil and honey.

Plain Milk or Milk Honey and Banana For Curly Hair

Milk not only does a body good but it is great for allowing you to straighten your curly hair without the need of heat.  If you are short on time or like a lot of us just too lazy to do a lot of work you can just pour some milk into a old spray bottle.  Make sure the bottle has been cleaned thoroughly and that the only thing in the bottle is milk.

Check to make sure your hair is completely dry and spray milk over your entire hair.  You want to make sure that your hair is completely saturated with the milk.  Wrap your hair and let set for 25-30 minutes before washing it off with luke warm water.  If you have more time you can add both honey and a banana to the milk and make more of a paste for your hair.  This requires a bit more time and will do wonders for straightening your curly hair.  Again no heat at all will be needed just the mixture and time.


You will need to mix 1 to 2 cups of milk with 3 teaspoons of honey and one banana.  You may need to increase or mix another batch depending on how much and how thick your hair is.  Apply the milk, honey and banana paste to your hair and let set for 1-2 hours if possible.  Once the mixture dries out on your hair it is time to wash it out with your shampoo.

Straighten Curly Hair Naturally with Coconut Milk

Yeah sure we just mention milk for your hair but that was dairy milk.  Now we are moving on to the good stuff.  LOL thats what some of my girls would say.  Coconut milk is one of the best natural solutions for getting rids of curls so that you can wear a straight hairstyle.  However when you use coconut milk you are going to still need to add a little bit of heat.  More on that in a second.

What you want to do is pour anywhere from a 1-2 cups of coconut milk in a bowl and fresh squeezed lemon juice from 1 lemon in to it.  Make sure not to let seeds get into the mixture.  Mix well and place in the refrigerator for about 1.5 hours.  After the take it out of the fridge mix again before applying to your hair and scalp.  Cover your entire hair working your way from the scalp to the ends.

Okay this is where the heat comes in.  You want to either wet a towel with some water and dry it so it is damp and warm it in the microwave or you can take a towel and use your blow dryer to heat it.  We like the microwave method a little better.  Once the towel is warmed you wrap it around your head and let set for 45-60 minutes.  This will give your hair more than enough time to get all the nutrients from the coconut milk that will help straighten your hair.

And there you have it, three tips on how to straighten your curly hair naturally with heat.  Well almost without heat but we a sure that your hair will appreciate a warm towel any day over the flat iron.  Try them out and let us know which way works best for you and your curly hair.  All of these ways are natural and very effective in straightening curly hair.

Tips for Healthy Hair Growth Naturally

3 Tips for Healthy Hair Growth Naturally

Tips for Healthy Hair Growth Naturally

Nothing could be more important these days then living healthy and taking care of your family and yourself.  This also come to light when you need to take care of your hair.  Sure you want your hair to grow but without all the added ingredients and chemicals.  Today we want to help you get what you are looking for so we came up with three tips for healthy hair growth naturally to keep the harsh chemicals that damage your hair at bay.

Hairstyles will come and go but at the end of the day no matter what style or color you choose you want to end up with the healthiest hair possible.  Some of these tips might seem like just common sense but a lot of women don’t pay them any attention until some one points them out.  Sure you knew you should have been doing them but the fact is that you probably weren’t.  So let’s get into some of the things that can really help your hair grow naturally without the assistance from chemicals.

Eating Right For Your Body Mind and Hair of Course

Yeah its just amazing how your diet affects so many aspects of your life.  When it comes to your having healthy hair that can grow as naturally as possible you need to provide your hair with everything it needs.  This means that you need to eat healthier.  The healthier you are the more natural and healthier your hair will look and grow.  You hair loves vitamins, proteins and irons.

While meat is a good source for protein some researchers have concluded that too much meat can also account for hair loss.  So if you can cut back just a little on the meats as a lot of animal fat intake may increase sebum production which in excess may contribute to losing hair.

Your Hair Says Turn Do that Heat

This is something that a lot of women already knew but for some reason we just can’t seem to resist.  When it comes to your hair heat is never a good thing.  Sure it may help get us the result we were looking for but at what cost?  I know its harder than it looks but having healthy hair is important so think about that be getting that next blow-out.  Naturally growing healthy hair requires you knowing and doing what is best.

Don’t think that the heat is just from the flat iron, curlers and blow dryers.  Washing your hair too much in hot water can damage your hair as well causing it not to grow.  You will find that too much hot water will not give you the natural shine and glow you are looking for because the heat from the water is stripping the nutrients from your hair and causing it just as much problems as a blow dryer.

Protect, Protect, Protect

I guess you can already tell what we are trying to get across to you.  If not than how about – YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU PROTECT YOUR HAIR!!  Did you get it?  From making sure you use natural conditioners and if possible make sure the shampoo and conditioner you use for your hair is from the same line or company.  You also want to be careful about going out in the heat, cold and rain.  All of these things can damage your hair and keep you from the wonder natural healthy locks you are wanting to have.

Even things like too much dirty, heat, the sun, and dandruff can really hurt your hair.  If you truly want healthy hair growth naturally you will need to follow these tips as well as the others out there.  But as always make sure you have repeatedly done a few tips so that they are routine for you.  When you have too many things you don’t know what works and will be quick to give up.  Having your hair grow naturally and healthy takes some time and won’t happen over night.  Remember for a lot of women you have spent years putting chemicals in your hair. It’s going to take more than a week or two to get the healthy hair you are looking for.

Picture Hairstyles for Moderate Hair

Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Girl dTMKbnm6

Picture hairstyles are very fashionable hairstyles, where hair is cut very choppy and then dyed with daring hair color ideas. In these teen hairstyles, you bangs design which covers the eyes, and need to select deep layering. There are lots of methods to cut and color your own hair to the medium scene hairstyles.

How to Cut Your Own Hair into Medium Scene Hairstyles?
First shampoo them clean, before you begin cutting your own hair. Then work with a great conditioner, and apply it in the roots till the end. Again wash your own hair clean, towel-dry them. Be sure you preserve moist hair while cutting them. You may also keep a water spray nozzle container near you, just in case the hair become dry while you’re cutting them. Straighten them before you start cutting them, if you’ve wavy or frizzy hair. You certainly can do this using a hair straightening iron. Then start cutting your own hair into layers. The most used type of picture hairstyles, has a large amount of levels close to the crown, and the hair at the ends are cut to provide a tapering effect. You are able to accompany your own hair with aspect bangs, or get a direct blunt design bangs. The dull hits may also be offered a graduated effect, and designed to seem much more stylish. Be sure you keep up with the period of such, they both cover one or both eyes. Once you are completed with cutting your own hair into levels, and bangs, reduce them very, very choppy. To cut your hair choppy you have to focus on all the strands of hair. Has a string of one’s hair, keep it an angle of 45 degrees, then tip your scissor and make the cut. In this way, cut all of your hair lengths uneven. This can give that sharp and edgy haircut consider the ends.

Just how to Color Your Own Hair?
Picture hairstyles seem many spectacular when accompanied with brilliant color lines. You are able to sometimes dye your hair totally black, and use various hair accessories like hair rings, bows, videos, and such like. To help make the medium scene hairstyle look even great. You can test opting for some brilliant hair color a few ideas. On dark hair you can test opting for warm red, pink, natural, orange, and such like. On crazy hair you may consider opting for red, blue, or perhaps a multi-tonal highlight impact with 2-3 bright color highlights.

Just how to Design Your Own Hair?
To create your picture hair-style you have to keep lots of size. With this, you should use specific shampoos, hair design mousses, hair polish and hairspray. You’ll also need to keep them directly and ergo, need to complete a hot-oil massage or similar hair straightening therapy regular. Also, to lessen injury in the hairspray, brushing and straightening, you’ll have to keep your hair conditioned. When utilizing a straightening iron, use lots of product and hair serum and then make use of the iron, to safeguard your hair against any damage. While styling your own hair, ensure that you ask them to spoofed. With this, you’ll have to use large amounts of hairspray and also straight back brushing. You may also decide to try proposition to obtain the impact, but make certain you keep the tease underneath the sheets so that they aren’t visible. Then use various hair components like rings, bows, videos, hooks to create your haircut seem actually good.

They certainly were tipped on coloring and reducing the scene hairstyles for medium-length hair, and tips on design and keeping your scene hair-style. To keep your picture haircut, make sure you go to the stylist every 4-5 months.


Image Blonde hair blue eyes girl green eyes Favimcom 631509jpg

Strategies for Dying Blonde Hair Brown

Black Hair Blue Eyes Boy DF5cC4Pu

Several normally crazy a-listers like Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Diaz have dyed their hair brown and still look beautiful inside them. Therefore, you will want to attempt this look yourself?

Crazy to brunette is just a move although when done it right it can look stunning, seldom made. Many have attempted this, with disastrous results. Brilliant red hair is the most typical result, which must be left this way for some months before remedial action could be taken. An expert will also take excellent care of one’s hair and get you your desired outcomes, although it is expensive. Your strategy may vary, if you should be going from an all-natural blonde to brown, or from a peroxide blonde to brown. Here’s what you need to do in these situations.

Normal Crazy to Brunette

If you should be an all-natural blonde, and believe that it’s time for a big change, turning out to be a brunette is the smartest choice. That is because of just how red hair color responds to the normal pigment in blonde hair because, if you choose red highlights, you might end up getting red ones.
Because it allows one to obtain slowly adjusted for the new-look, most blondes who would like to go brown are advised to obtain lowlights. They’re a well-known recent pattern, with several celebs sporting them.
If this notion doesn’t attract you, you could get one of these color. Lots of people believe it is cash down the drain (literally!), as it usually lasts for several of fourteen days.
An appealing tone may be the natural color underneath your own hair, if you should be a brave soul likely to accept the change and jump right in. An expert color expert can help you select the color appropriately, that’ll ideally leave you with natural-looking brown hair.
Still another crucial facet of a great, over all move would be to darken your eyebrows. I actually do not recommend to dye them, just make use of a deeper eyebrow pencil.

Bleach Crazy to Brunette

Should you have tried to lighten your own hair and were left with a head that will place a tangerine to shame, we’ve several ideas. As the best strategy would be to search for a professional, if you do not have the means or are too ashamed to, here are several simple tips about just how to dye blonde hair brown. Nevertheless, remember that each one’s hair vary from others and will probably respond differently. The most effective color to choose now’s an easy ‘medium brown’ or ‘medium ash brown.’ Make sure that the color you choose doesn’t have way too many red tones inside it (such as for instance auburn/chestnut tones), or when combined with current red tones might change your own hair into a very reddish shade.

Alternately, if you’ve bleached your own hair blonde, but just do not enjoy it, here is what you can do. Implementing a brown coloring will be a mistake, if your hair is totally crazy. The reason being some browns, hash browns particularly, include fundamental green and blue shades, which coupled with yellow can create some very unpleasant results. As many have, you might also end up getting inexperienced hair. The right way to help make the transition is in two stages.

Firstly use a warm golden brunette, or perhaps a rich red shade for your hair. Keep it set for 25 to half an hour, till your own hair has turned a ginger or red color.
Now for your second-wave, use a medium brown color to your own hair.

Attempt to choose a perhaps not too dark shade as there’s no returning from that, and definitely avoid one that’s lots of red shades.

You’re recommended to check always and wipe the color after each 5 minutes, never leaving it on for over 15 or 20 minutes, while coloring your own hair in the home. Once you’ve made the choice of desperate crazy hair brown, keep in mind to heavy situation your hair before and after the therapy. Follow these guidelines and you’ll discover that the hair-coloring is definitely a pleasant experience!


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Most useful Hair Shade for Blue Eyes

Easy Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair Hlub0sq2

Among the best methods to transform your look would be to color your own hair. Nevertheless, you have to consider the skin tone and eye color before selecting a hair color. Here we shall have a look at a few of the loveliest hair color tones for those who have blue eyes.

The best hair color can cause you to look younger and improve your natural splendor. Transforming your hair color is among the fastest and simplest way to revise your general look. Deciding on the best hair color is essential, as your hair color shouldn’t only enhance the color of your eyes, however it should also flatter the skin tone. Then you’ll find a number of colors of hair color that will look great on you, if you’ve blue eyes.

Identifying the Skin Tone

Before selecting a hair color, you have to determine the skin tone. Have a good look at the veins of one’s inner wrist. If the veins in your arm appear natural, then you’ve a warm skin tone and then you’ve an awesome skin tone, if they appear blue. Still another method to determine your complexion would be to keep a set of gold and silver earrings near that person. If the gold earrings highlights your skin, then you’ve an awesome skin tone and if the silver earrings seem better for you, then you’ve a warm skin tone.

Then you probably have a hot complexion, if you look great in colors like red, yellow, red and deep browns. If shades like plum, rose, emerald-green, maroon and deep blue looks great on you, then you probably have an awesome complexion. It’s time and energy to discover which would be the best hair colors that’ll flatter your natural skin tone, after you have decided your skin tone.

Then a few of the most useful colors of hair color for you are burgundy, copper, chestnut, honey brown, mahogany and golden brown, if you’ve a warm complexion with blue eyes. These wealthy, comfortable tones make your blue eyes pop and brightens your appearance. You may also choose from the dim golden hair color with delicate red highlights. Shows really are a good way to include detail and motion to hair. Still another wise decision would be to color hair in a gentle auburn tone and put good fantasy shows to intensify blue eyes.

Whilst the right haircut may take years off your-face, before you color your hair, always choose a great haircut. It’s essential to notice that very dark color like dark brown and jet-black can clean you out and make your complexion look short and dull. If you’ve dim skin with warm undertones and blue eyes, then your most suitable choice hair colors for you are shades of red, copper and bronze. Just ensure that the colors appear normal and nor brassy.

Then shades like ash brown, light auburn and platinum blond will appear quite attractive, when you yourself have an awesome complexion. Light-brown tones and grain shades also works perfectly on women with blue eyes and great complexion. A good idea would be to choose a general plum hair color with burgundy shows across the crown area. Burgundy and plum appear good together and the shade of plum hair color intensifies the color of blue eyes. Then espresso or chestnut hair colors will appear quite flattering, if you should be an all-natural brunette with blue eyes.

Because they makes women with cool complexion look haggard and tired prevent copper and bronze hair color tones. Broadly speaking, the lighter the skin tone, the more lightly you are able to opt for your own hair color. Wine blond and darling blond shades appears beautiful on women who’ve blue eyes and an awesome complexion.

If you’re unsure whether a specific color may suit you, it’s most useful that you confer with your stylist. Regardless of what hair color you decide on, make certain it highlights your shining blue eyes!


Top 6 Updos for Short Hair How to Look Cute without Wasting Money

6 Simple Actions To Produce Up-dos For Long-hair

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I have been trying out different up-dos within the previous month for different lengths of hair. I eventually created an ideal up-do for long-hair. I believe this hair-style might be used to some elegant meal or to some time on the beach. Sparkly Bobby pins, or headband it makes this design seem a bit more sophisticated, but if it’s each day at the beach so it’s normal to allow some hair drop (It appears cute messy), if you include flowers.

With this hairstyle you’ll need:

  1. Straightening Iron (I used a 1-inch Conair)
  2. Teasing brush
  3. Bobby hooks
  4. Hairspray
  5. Extravagant videos, Bobby pins, or bouquets (optional)

Follow these five simple steps to produce a reverse for long hair:

Action One: Curl your own hair. I curled them from my experience and got about one and a half-inch pieces. I made my waves looser to produce this seem more normal.

Action Two: Have a portion of hair beginning behind the hits. Tease some volume to be added by this. Next tease the sides at the same time. That is the best thing, when the waves be seemingly receding on the top since you just teased the hair! You would like the most effective of one’s hair to appear wavy/straight.

Action Three: Pull one part of one’s hair towards the straight back and flag. It’s nearly as if you are developing a half up-do. Repeat to the other side of one’s head.

Tip: Attempt to pin area in the center (the must overlap). When they are close together It’s more straightforward to conceal the bobby pins later.

Action Four: Next have a one-inch portion of hair and bring to the rear (where in fact the bobby pins are). Maintain the hair with your index finger and begin to create a group with the hair. Be sure you leave a bit of the finish chilling out. The very last thing would be to bobby green the circle as near to where you pinned the half undo. (When the bobby pins overlap that’s the best thing)

Action Five: Continue doing this for the remainder of one’s hair.

Action Six: Pull-down some locks around that person. When the hair is straight ensure that you curl them from that person. Next curl the ends of one’s hits from that person too. The final thing to do is set some pretty flowers or shiny bobby pins in your hair.

That simple up-do is ideal for any special event or simply a night with friends.

Try this style for the next special day.


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